Business Imaging Equipment is proud to offer an exceptional Service Team.  Our extensive technical skills & talents go beyond our customer’s expectations.  We put the customer first and are committed to making sure our customers receive the product data & training necessary for the best return on their investment.  Our Service Team has over 100 combined years of office equipment knowledge & experience with both small & large business environments, including networking wired & wireless, scanning to email & computers, faxing & desktop faxing, printing, and Microsoft Products including Office.


Our product line of Konica Minolta copiers feature unique options for our customers.  Our Service Team will listen to the customer & determine exactly what that customer’s needs are and program their copier accordingly.  Our copiers feature a programming or mode memory function to reduce multiple functions down to one or two for any complicated job request.  Some of the many features include background removal, page numbering, hole-punch and stapling.


Our copiers offer the option to scan in color even when printing in black & white.  When scanning to E-mail, we recommend changing color mode.

Mode Description File size
[Auto Color] Scan by automatically selecting either [Full Color] or [Gray Scale] according to the original color. Depends on originals type
[Full Color] Scan in full color, regardless of whether the original is in color or in black and white. Select this option to scan originals of other than black and white and scanning color photos. largest
[Gray Scale] Scan in gray scale, regardless of whether the original is in color or in black and white. Select this option to scan originals with many halftones, such as black and white photos. Medium size
[Black] Scan originals in white and black, no shades of gray. Select this option to scan originals with distinct black and white areas, such as line drawings. smallest



By utilizing the fax printer driver available on our copier units, the customer has the ability to Desktop Fax, thus maximizing office productivity by reducing the multiple steps of printing & then walking to a separate fax machine.


Over the years our customers have presented us with unique printing issues, and we have welcomed those challenges by seeking the right solutions & passing on to others.  We have solved many envelope printing needs & installed additional printers with special default print functions for those pesky jobs that needed special settings.  Printers may be installed multiple times as long as it is renamed.