Business Imaging Equipment is proud to sell Konica Minolta products the 2013 MFP line of the Year awarded buy Buyers Laboratory LLC the Leading Independent Global Document Imaging Products test lab

I-Option expands existing bizhub functions for a higher level of MFP performance.Functions can be added when you need them.

Web Browser License Kit LK-101
PDF processing License Kit LK-102
Voice Guidance License Kit LK-104
Searchable PDF License Kit LK-105
Barcode font License Kit LK-106
Unicode font License Kit LK-107
OCR font License Kit LK-108
File format extensions License Kit LK-110(The i-Option LK-110, function of i-Option LK-102 / LK-105 is included.)
ThinPrint function License Kit LK-111

Reliable scanning quality that’s not dependent on paper types

New brush-type paper dust cleaning mechanism for ADFs
A new paper dust cleaning mechanism for the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) employs a cleaning brush with a large contact surface to ensure better removal of paper dust, which can cause striped noise. This improvement provides reliable scanning quality that is not dependent on paper type.

Convenient PDF functions that streamline your workflow

Searchable PDF / Outline PDF / Compact PDF

Searchable PDF

Normally, the text of a scanned document cannot be searched. Our Searchable PDF feature uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to turn any scanned document into a searchable one. Perfect for quickly finding text in large documents, or to cut and paste text from a Searchable PDF to create new documents.

* Requires optional i-Option LK-105 and Upgrade Kit UK-203.

Outline PDF
By selecting Outline PDF when scanning a document, target images are divided into photo areas and text areas, and outline conversion is performed on the text areas. This makes the text easier to read, the images crisper and the document nearly as easy to handle as a Compact PDF. Image quality and data size of the photo areas can be finely adjusted in user mode, enabling the creation of highly-precise PDFs. The outlined data can also be conveniently utilized in graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

Compact PDF
Make large files more portable by shrinking them with our “compact PDF” feature. The bizhub uses lightning-fast hardware and software processes to compress text and images separately, creating PDF files that are now smaller than ever. Perfect for color documents with large file sizes, these compressed PDFs have outstanding image quality, and are much easier to send and receive.

Superior performance and image quality for all networked bizhub’s

Emperon Print System
Freely print out documents and graphics from a variety of PC’s on the network utilizing the bizhub’s network printing function with standard Emperon Print System. Emperon provides a consistent and intuitive GUI regardless of which PDL is used. It also offers improved processing and print speed for PDFs and all other major document formats. Multi-OS and multi-protocol support on the bizhub allows a wider range of use, including networks with Windows and Macintosh computers

Auto-Refining Developing System

With bizhub’s Auto-Refining Developing System, carrier in the black developing unit is premixed in the toner cartridge and supplied as toner is consumed. Deteriorated carrier is expelled with the toner, reducing overall deterioration in the developing unit. This process helps to maintain stable black & white image quality over the long term. This feature is particularly relevant in offices that have high-volume black & white output

Bizhub Market place

Count on Konica Minolta for convenience and cutting edge technology. Download apps that give you direct access to personal or professional information, streamline workflow, improve productivity and enhance user experience…directly to your bizhub MFP control panel! We’ve put a new world right at your fingertips.

All Covered

Technology Consulting Experts: National Reach with a Local Presence

All Covered has served in an IT consulting capacity to thousands of organizations across the nation in practically every major industry. As a technology consulting company with a national reach we are able to negotiate better pricing from key suppliers, expand our expertise using our vast base of knowledge from others within our organization, and stay abreast of the latest developments. Our local presence means we’re readily available to you with fast response times and familiar faces.

The Substantial Benefits of Finding the Right Technology Partner

A true technology partner provides several exceptional benefits that make us the preferred choice of thousands of organizations across the country. As an All Covered client, you’ll have several experts in the area of technology consulting to oversee your systems. In addition, having All Covered as your trusted technology partner also offers the following benefits:

Decreased cost

Increased performance

Fewer expenses

No salaried employees

No increase to your benefits costs