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If you just have a question about what we offer just fill in the first part of our questionnaire and someone with contact you as soon as possible about your needs and our decades of experience along with technical savvy can help fulfill your expectation.

To better help find what best fits your particular needs. You can fill out the general quote information form on the right this will help our knowledgeable staff quickly assess what you need for your place of business.
Please fill it out and a salesman will contact or send literature to you as quickly as possible. Our Knowledgeable staff puts a maximum effort into meeting your unique or demanding Copying, Printing, Scanning and faxing needs.

Base Unit

Yes we know that when choosing between color or Black and White is a big issue especially when it come down to operating cost, You can control who has access to color. You can print on special paper types creating your own special advertising, letter head various other items that would save time and money instead sending those items out to the printers.

In today’s age faxing is still an important fax of electronic communication. We know that it is integral to HIPAA laws, Some customers would rather have you send a fax rather than an E-mail. Adding the fax option to your Copier can increase your productivity overall. Incoming faxes can be relayed to email or a folder for instant electronic document retrieval. Routing a fax to an e-mail saves time running to the fax just to see if your fax came in.

Paper Options

Most copiers come with at least two drawers but depending on your printing demands you may be interested more trays for versatility or a large capacity tray for a higher printing and copying volume demands either of these options can save on office productivity because they reduce the amount of time spend loading and changing paper
Put your letter Head, Invoices or any other special paper in tray and never accidentally print or copy on it

Output Options

Referred to as sorting collating and/or Finishing from simple offset to booklet making to job separations. Adding a finisher with options to your copier will enable these options to make everyone’s life easier. Tri-folding for stuffing envelopes, 2 hole and 3 hole punching for note books and ledgers, Booklet making for presentations, let us not forget stapling, Corner and 2 Position.

Job sorting with multiple trays you can separate faxes, copies, and print jobs

Desktop Copiers or Printers

If you have a really small office or department cramped for space and you need most of the functions of an office copier or your people just to far away from the main copier to be efficiently retrieving copies and prints our Desktop Copiers or Printers can do it for you. The have a small foot print can be connected thru WiFi for wireless printing. Up to 4 trays of paper, Scanning in color on either Black & White or Color output machines, Faxing directly from the unit or off your computer with software.